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  General introduction

      We currently carry 39 collections including more than 1500 different insect replicas, miniature birds and butterflies... in which nearly 800 good selling items are presented on our website. It is a daunting task to put all our products online at once. Therefore, we have chosen our good selling products to be made available on the website. If you do not find what you are looking for right now, please do not hesitate to let us know. We will send you specific information on the inquired products ASAP.

      All our insect replicas are hand made with natural materials that looks as real as they do in nature. As we are the first manufacturer who has pioneered the idea of replicating insects to their truest shapes of form and color, till now we have enjoyed good reputation on this collection all over the world.

      On this website, you will see the detail information about this kind of products. You are warmly welcome to let us know what you think about us, our website and our collections.

      Hope we both can achieve new benefit while having some fun with all the wonderful insects.

   Material and workmanship:

     In the dictionary, insect is defined as an air-breathing invertebrate animal that has well-defined segments, including a head, thorax, abdomen, two antennae, three(or more) pairs of legs, and usually two sets of wings. With that in mind, we carefully replicated the exact organism of each insect with following different natural materials for specific purposes: Clay body, Wire legs, Paper muscle, Color painted and Transparent wings etc. The result shows that not only do our insects look real but also they are made to have expandable wings and flexible legs.

   Advantages of our products over the actual insect specimen:

1.There is no overpowering smell of preservatives when having a close-up look.
2.You can play with our insect replicas, move their legs and wings to study their body structures.
3.No risk of damaging while moving, touching and playing.

  Function & use

     Our products are welcomed by insect enthusiasts, insect collectors, students of entomology or avid interest in these small and wonderful creatures. Furthermore, to make all the insects appear realistic but yet fun and practical, we've attached magnets , pins, clips, safety pins, butterfly buckles and wire pick on the insect replicas so that people can use as refrigerator magnets, cloth ornaments, home decorations as well as garden accessories, which open up an enormous market among gift shops, home stores, museums, parks, zoos, schools, gardens, festival activities and promotion items.

   Customer design:

      We also provide customized services. We'll make the designs you require into samples strictly following your specifications. As a manufacturer and exporter engaged in this line for over 15 years as well as owning 4 manufacturer companies and 3 distribution centers, we always value customer's new designs with a view to keeping our product lines as fresh as possible. Our abundance of experience and good consciousness for service will guarantee your design the most respect and the highest confidentiality.

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