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  Typically, we take strong transparent individual box to pack each product so that customer could see the item inside clearly from every angle.

Any way of packing required by customers could be strictly designed and made as well.

Any assorted packing to put items in one box could be made as well.


5 items Asst. in PVC box
8 pcs spider in PVC box
24 pcs in PVC middle box
48 pcs in PVC middle box
Asst.7 prankish collection
Asst.7 prankish collection
Asst. 7 spring collection
Blister card -1
Blister card -2
Blister card -3
Blister card -4
Hanging box + color sheet-6
Brown box + PVC cover for Giant insect
Hanging box + color sheet-1
Hanging box + color sheet-2
Hanging box + color sheet-3
Hanging box + color sheet-4
Hanging box + color sheet-5
Hanging box + color sheet-6
Hanging box + color sheet-7
MDF frame -1
MDF frame -2
Pvc box + color labe-1
Pvc box + color labe-2
PVC box + cork sheet for push pin insect
PVC box + cork sheet
PVC transperant box
Screen print logo on PVC box-1
Screen print logo on PVC box-2
White box + PVC cover
White box + PVC cover for Asst insect
White magnetic board + insect Asst
Wooden box Asst

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