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To provide you, our valued guests and customers, with the best quality guarantees, we have established a quality controlling system on the base of ISO9001:2000 to ensure every step during the process of an order carried out in satisfactory condition.

 Commenting and examining Sales Confirmation to ensure all the details including item no., product size and weight, quantity, label, packing, shipping marks, as well as other additional requirements are correctly stated and confirmed.

  2 set of confirmation sample kept by customer and us respectively.

  Commenting and examining the equipments, craftsmanship, working process as well as production schedule with form records to ensure the products will be correctly made and the order could be finished in time.

  Taking the responsibility system during all the working processing. There are more or less 9 steps to finish a product. Each step is responsible of checking the quality of last step and ensuring the quality of it's own product working.

  Providing customer 1 set production sample to compare with the confirmation sample

  Inspecting the products when 10% products packaged and 80% products packaged respectively according to the Inspection Standard: ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 combining with the requirements stated on the Sales Confirmation and fill in the inspection report with authorized signature.

   Arranging the most reasonable way of shipment to ensure the goods arrived in destination as safe and quick as possible.

   Collecting data from customers' comments and advices to improve the quality of products and services by taking rectifying and precautionary measures.